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About the Artist


Phone:  (541) 923-7510

Cell:  (541) 279-0002
Deschutes County Fair - Fine Arts Awards Judge 2012 & 2013

K.C. Snider, an international award winning illustrated children’s books artist, is an honors graduate from the School of Arts in Eugene, Oregon where she majored in illustration.  She was an art instructor for 17 years at both Lane and Linn Benton Community Colleges in Oregon.  Her fine arts career began in Western Fine Arts where she has earned several prestigious Western Fine Arts awards like the Snaffle Bit, Indian Heritage, and Pioneer.  She works in oil, pastel, water color, gouache, pen and ink, colored pencil, silver point, and clay. She has also participated as a fine arts judge over the years.  Many of her illustrations are inspired by Norman Rockwell’s style.

K.C. and her husband moved from Hebo, on the Oregon Coast, to Redmond in 1997. In 2007, she had the opportunity to illustrate two children’s books for Guardian Angel Publishing; The Christmas Angel, a story of a family traveling the Oregon Trail, and The Magic Violin, a story of the magic in believing in yourself. This started her on the way towards a new career as an illustrator of children's books.  All of her books are Home School Approved.  Some books provide activities at the end of the story for teachers and parents to do with their children.  K.C. has illustrated for authors from around the world.

K.C. uses a variety of styles from the simple comic to the detailed realistic and accurate historic, something not many illustrators can do. Her illustrations have won numerous literary awards.  She puts considerable research into each story line and illustration.   Many of her original illustrations are hanging in the Children's Museum of Illustrated Books in St. Louis, Missouri.

 Asked in interviews what she would give as advice to people interested in illustrating, she says, “This is not an area where one can instantly make a lot of money.  Be prepared for rejections from Publishers, but never give up.  Better yourself and your talent by taking Publisher’s suggestions to heart and using them to improve your work.  Remember, in the publishing world, the Publisher is always right.  Too many eager illustrators ignore a Publisher’s suggestions to their peril.”

 K.C. continues to live in Redmond, Oregon.  She still works on a fine art piece, now and then.  She is very involved with charities and local non-profit organizations through her art.  She has illustrated over 50 books in the last 9 years including her own fine arts wordless book, Silence.  She is inspired by her grandchildren who, at times, love to find themselves in her illustrations.  K.C. is a native Oregonian and the natural beauty, diverse western life styles, and history are a great inspiration for all her art.

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