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Share the most inspiring clear blue lake in the world with a golden mantled ground squirrel as he meets animal friends and explores the wonders of Crater Lake National Park. From Rim Village, Wizard Island, to boat rides around the lake, past Phantom Ship, fishing with kids, and more, the ground squirrel leads you on a wordless journey where you can interpret the story. Suggested age for readers: for all ages.



Precious and Spectacular!

By Amazon Customer on January 12, 2014

Kids make up their own stories in this beautifully illustrated wordless picture book about a year in the life of a golden mantled ground squirrel living in Crater Lake, Oregon.

The idyllic, serene, lovely illustrations by award-winning Oregonian artist K.C. Snider will transport children and adults alike as they explore wildlife and the seasons along with our little squirrel guide as it gathers food, stores it, interacts with others--animal and human--and even gets mixed up in an adventure!

Silence is both enjoyable and educational, stimulating young minds and their storytelling skills. This hardcover picture book is definitely a keeper, worthy of any permanent library shelf or gift. Highly recommended!



The beauty in the Silence at Crater Lake Park

By Penelope Anne Cole on December 19, 2013

The picture book, Silence, beautifully illustrated by K.C. Snider, is a completely wordless book. The lifelike artwork -- nearly photographic -- takes us a through a year in the life of a golden manteled ground squirrel. We follow him through his daily life and adventures at Crater Lake National Park. Having been to Crater Lake in the early hours of dawn, I believe the choice of Silence for a title, is most certainly appropriate. The natural beauty of Crater Lake makes you want to hold your breath and not breathe a word.

Wordless books are perfect for pre-readers. They can enjoy the beauty of the illustrations and not be distracted by the printed word. Children are free to put in their own interpretation, in their own words, in response to such questions as: “What do you see in the picture?” “What is he doing now?” "What do you think he’s thinking as he. . .?” "What do you think he'll do now?" The imaginative story ideas are as endless as the children describing their stories. It will be just as much fun for the parent or teacher to see what they come up with as it will be for the kids.

K.C. Snider, an honors graduate from the School of Art in Eugene, Oregon, spent two years creating the artwork for this book. Ms. Snider is an award-winning illustrator of over forty children's books. Her Western Fine Art has won prestigious art awards and her illustrations for children's books have also won numerous literary awards. This is her first "solo" book -- entirely written and illustrated -- wholly created by Ms. Snider. Everyone would enjoy this book and could create their own word story while appreciating the amazing artwork.


and Most Beautiful Wordless Picture book I Ever Read

By Susan J. Berger on November 24, 2013

This book literally took my breath away. It is beyond awesome. I cannot wait to share it with people. This is one book I MUST have in hardback. Each illustration in not only a word of art, it is a story unto itself. Together they form an adventure in the life of a Golden Ground Squirrel who lives in Crater Lake park in Oregon.
This book is for kids and grownups alike.Let the pictures form stories in your mind. Then hand it to a child and let the child tell you the story.  I can't wait to sit down and share the story with a child. I've always loved KC's illustration, but this is a whole new level. Thank you KC for sending my imagination a beautiful gift.


Precious and Spectacular!

By Connie Arnold on November 23, 2013

Silence is a perfect name for this delightful book by award winning artist, KC Snider. Her remarkable, vibrant art is beautifully displayed on each page as an adorable mantled ground squirrel quietly visits scenic areas in Crater Lake National Park. There are no words, only pictures that tell the story as the little creature makes its way around the lake, rides two boats, interacts with children, adults and other creatures, tastes, samples and explores the many things the park has to offer. Each illustration is a detailed and precious work of art set in spectacular surroundings. Children and adults of any age can enjoy this art filled book while using their own imaginations to discover the story. KC has once again proven her tremendous artistic ability in another release from Guardian Angel Publishing.


By Nicole Weaver
 on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

K.C. Snider, an honors graduate from the School of Art in Eugene, Oregon, is an award-winning illustrator of over forty children’s books. Her Western Fine Art has won prestigious art awards and her illustrations for children’s books have won numerous literary awards.

Ms. Snider penned her first book titled Silence.  The book is wordless. It takes the reader on the journey in the life of a golden mantled ground squirrel. We follow him through his daily life and adventures at Crater Lake National Park.

The lovely, colorful illustrations transport the reader to a world that is stunning. A world so well depicted through the illustrations you feel that you are part of it.

This masterpiece of a book can be a valuable resource that teachers and parents can use to help pre-readers develop and exercise their imaginations.   Children can have fun coming up with their own stories for the illustrations.

As a foreign language teacher, I use illustrations that depict newly learned vocabulary and grammatical structures.   Illustrations are a powerful tool that affords students and young kids an opportunity to speak freely.

Ms. Snider’s book can be useful in any classroom where the teacher is looking for ways to help students develop both their speaking and writing skills.

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