From the children's book, Andy & Spirit Go On A Day Count.

I was an art teacher and a judge at many Fine Arts events over my career.  Most recently, I was a judged for the Deschutes County Fair in Redmond, OR.  I guess you could say artists never truly "retire."

 ​In 2007, I had the opportunity to illustrate two children’s books  for Guardian Angel Publishing; The Christmas Angel, a story of a  family traveling the Oregon Trail, and The Magic Violin, a story of  the magic in believing in yourself. This started me on the way  towards a new career as an illustrator of children's books.  Most  of my books are Home School Approved.  Some books provide  activities or educational information at the end of the story.  Books are for readers from ages 0-12.  See more about some of the books I've illustrated under "Illustrations."

From the children's book, Kitsy's Mischief and Horses

Deschutes County Fair - Fine Arts Awards Judge 2012, 2013, 2018

In my Fine Arts pieces, I use a wide variety of mediums; oil, acrylic, pastel, pen & ink, charcoal, goauche, colored pencil, etc.  I'm inspired by the incredible beauty, history, and lifestyle of the Northwest where I live.  You can travel city-to-city, but the wildness and the farm and ranch lands in between still bring the Western life to mind.  I have lived and painted the Oregon Coast, the Western Valleys, and just about everything east of the Cascade Mountains, including Oregon's Scenic Outback country.

In my illustrations, I use a variety of styles from the simple comic to the detailed realistic and accurate historic; something not many illustrators can do.  I put considerable research into each story line and illustration.   Many of my original illustrations are hanging in the Children's Museum of Illustrated Books in St. Louis, Missouri. Some of my illustrations have won national and international literary awards. 

 Asked in interviews what I would give as advice to people interested in illustrating; I tell everyone, “This is not an area where one can instantly make a lot of money.  Be prepared for rejections from Publishers, but never give up.  Better yourself and your talent by taking Publisher’s suggestions to heart and using them to improve your work.  Remember, in the publishing world, the Publisher is always right.  Too many eager illustrators ignore a Publisher’s suggestions to their peril.”

Fine Arts Ribbon Awards Galore


  Update...Coming Shows

  I will selling greeting cards and signing children's books at the Dry Canyon Arts Association's "Frost Fair" the first two Sundays of

  December 2019.  Come join us for wine tasting and art in the event tent next to General Duffy's Waterhole on 4th St. in Redmond, OR.   

  Help support the arts in our community.  The dates are Dec. 1st and Dec. 8th from 11am to 6pm.

  I will be at the "Snowflake Boutique" Nov. 1st and 2nd, the Friday and Saturday right after Halloween. Friday we are open from 1pm to

  8pm and Saturdayfrom 9am to 5pm. You can find us at the Expo Center in the North Sisters building on the Deschutes County Fair-

  grounds in Redmond.


Mixed media on poplar board